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Trusted and Proven by Over Half a Billion Dollars of Transactions.

We build custom web applications that run without interruption, earning client trust and loyalty with service focused on your needs, never our convenience. Since 2002, for donations, retirement benefits, insurance, membership and more, providing a superior customer experience, securely and dependably.

Our Purpose

A Marriage of Stewardship and Technology

More than our name, Stewardship defines an unflinching dedication to customer service that puts client needs first, always. Our success and longevity reflects stewardship in the largest sense, in every sense – from biblical to client services to our way of doing business. Good stewardship – service first, then profit – is the right thing to do and good business.

Serving clients through technology with unequalled service.

For Non-Profit and For Profit enterprises, long-term client satisfaction has been achieved by demanding nothing less than the highest quality user experience for them. Driving payments, donations, and essential transactions across diverse and branded platforms; thoughtfully engineered and seamlessly delivered. Efficient and trouble-free from anywhere, at any time.

We raised the bar on Day One and have never stopped.

Client loyalty is no accident, but the product of a pledge to go farther and do more, focused on broadening both utility and functionality. We take a proactive, pre-emptive approach to regulatory compliance and transparency, embracing new technologies and tools, without ever compromising the best practices of security, confidentiality and service.

Solutions to keep customers loyal and happy.

Excellence exceeding expectations is never an accident, it’s the product of thoughtfully and value-engineered processes yielding bold ideas, superior results and satisfied customers. Our programmers and developers boast decades of experience in HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Jade, SASS, Handlebars, Backbone, C, C#, C++, PHP, Node, Meteor, ASP.NET, MYSQL, Apache, IIS, SQL Server and more.

Stewardship sales and project management teams have worked with Nike, Nissan, GE, RCA, Fanny Mae, Juniper Networks, Ericsson and more. In all, over 2000 clients; charities, religious organizations, educational institutions and agencies. We’ll ask you the right questions, but you’ll find we’re even better listeners. We learned long ago the only things you can’t do are things you say you can’t do, and we’re committed to a custom financial solution that best serves you, your customers and your community.

Our Process

Branded and Trusted Transactional Services.

Stewardship products reduce manual processing for you and create a superior experience for your customers and members. Think of your web portal as their gateway to easily, and intuitively, conduct their business, find what they need, and happily return again and again. With thousands of satisfied customers we really can say we do it all – comprehensive yet flexible ACH processing to suites of ever-evolving credit card tools. Products streamlining and enhancing the user experience for donors, members and customers, processing funds and harvesting complex and invaluable analytics to serve our clients through technology. Each client’s needs and customers are unique, and each Stewardship solution reflects that. If you can imagine it, we can do it; and if it hasn’t yet been done, we’ll create it together. How we go about doing that is what truly sets Stewardship Technology apart.


We interview your staff to uncover the best solution and your needs trump our convenience, every time.


With an understanding of your needs, design is an interactive process ending when we meet them.


Also interactive with ongoing updates to implement changes and enhancements from our testing sites.


Custom reports and data interfaces are tested and built that work efficiently with your legacy systems.


Rigorous, comprehensive and seemingly unending, to address problems to your complete satisfaction.


Privacy and Use only scratch the surface. Our legal review assures all legal obligations are totally met.


Third-Party Security experts audit every phase of your application with internal and external testing.


Development of a launch plan followed by ongoing strategies to keep you and your customers happy.


Your application is tested, proven and ready, but for us, its release is the beginning, not the end.

Our Partners

We work with many excellent clients - each has unique needs and unique stories. Here are a few:

The United States Army Corps of Engineers
Pensions and Benefits USA/Church of the Nazarene
The Catholic Diocese of Lexington Kentucky
Church of God Benefits Board, Inc. & Church Loan Fund, Inc.

The United States Army Corps of Engineers

What We're Doing

The United States Army Corps of Engineers deploys tens of thousands of landline, cell, satellite, and VoIP phones, data lines, and other technology products to its forces across the United States and remote stations. The United States Army Corps of Engineers, through Lockheed Martin, relied on Stewardship Technology to create a centralized inventory control, management, and accounts payable system that met their needs. After 5 years the system continues to exceed their needs and we are currently working on planned expansions for the future.

What They're Saying

“I have been working with Stuart and his team (Stewardship Technology) for over five years. Stuart was instrumental in the development of the accounts payable/inventory module for my organization. His service and creativity have allowed us to maintain customer satisfaction and a continued opportunity.”

Patty Ostrowski/ President/ The ADVOcacy Group – Subcontractor to Lockheed Martin

Pensions and Benefits USA/Church of the Nazarene

What We're Doing

Pensions and Benefits USA/Church of the Nazarene asked Stewardship Technology to provide an easy to use web portal that allowed their customers to view invoices, make onetime or recurring payments and access account information. Stewardship Technology listened to their needs and delivered the solution they were looking for.

What They're Saying

“While serving as the Benefits Services Manager in the Pensions and Benefits USA (P&B) office of the Global Ministry Center, Church of the Nazarene, I first interacted with ST in April 2011. At that time, we were looking for a business partner that could securely and timely process credit card and or electronic insurance payments. We had just recently been contacted by our Auditors indicating that we were not PCI compliant. We had received a positive recommendation from a Church Benefits Association member indicating that they were very pleased with ST handling their loan payments. Therefore, we reached out to Stuart and his team to begin dialoguing about our needs. From the very first call, I could tell that this was a company of high integrity. With employees all over the United States, this represented problems with most of the vendors we have worked with but it was a non-issue for ST. In fact, every issue that was brought up by P&B seemed to be easily resolved by ST. P&B was quickly able to trust ST to be a hard working company, a thorough planner, proficient in technology/security, and an organized professional company. In all of our dealings with ST, we have found them to be very responsive, thoughtful, and possessing a predisposition to being able to understand our needs and find customized solutions for us at a very reasonable price. I believe ST is a solid payment processing company and I lend them my unreserved recommendation.”

Roger Creeden/Benefits Services Manager/Pensions and Benefits USA/Church of the Nazarene

The Catholic Diocese of Lexington Kentucky

What We're Doing

Providing a donation management solution to over 90 parishes, schools and missions presented a daunting task for the CFO of the Catholic Diocese of Lexington. Stewardship Technology provided a solution that met their needs.

What They're Saying

"The Catholic Diocese of Lexington selected Stewardship Technology from among a number of invited partners. The solution and technical expertise offered by Stewardship Technology far exceeded that of the other presenters. The service and responsiveness provided to us since the implementation has been exemplary. We are completely satisfied with our partnership and unreservedly recommend Stewardship Technology to other dioceses."

Deacon Bill Wakefield, CFO

Church of God Benefits Board, Inc. & Church Loan Fund, Inc.

What We're Doing

Processing mail and checks is time consuming and expensive so the Church of God Benefits Board came to Stewardship Technology for a solution. Today their customers log into a fully branded site and make payments at their convenience.

What They're Saying

“Our organization has found that the online payment system set up for us by Stewardship Technology has streamlined our daily procedures and our members are very pleased with the convenience of making both contributions and payments at their convenience.”

Gayla Iles Vice President/Corporate Secretary Church of God Benefits Board, Inc. and Church Loan Fund, Inc.

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